Are You Smarter than Your Computer?

The answer appears to still be yes (even if you sometimes don’t feel that way) – see article here.  The folks at IBM have been working on simulating part of a cat’s brain with their super computer, and it takes a whole lot of processors to do that – almost 145,000 all together.

“Sentient” computers are not expected soon, and the simulation that IBM put on did not result in the massive super computer licking itself or chasing mice, but these kinds of advances will likely lead to more sophisticated infrastructure management systems for air traffic control, weather forecasting, traffic management, and perhaps information security systems.  We take for granted the number of computer systems that surround us today.  For example, your car probably has well over 12 processors that handle a number of tasks for you, like monitoring your tire pressure to helping you get from point A to point B.  Traffic lights, power grids, newer street signs and billboards – many of these are managed by increasingly sophisticated information systems.

And there is more to come, if Mr. Moore has anything to say about it.

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