Need help forming an LLC in Maryland? Click here to purchase Articles of Organization and a written LLC Operating Agreement. Once you make your purchase, you will be prompted to complete a questionnaire online that is used to populate each document. All documents that you purchase are reviewed by an attorney for legal sufficiency before being finalized by you.

Maryland law provides for how to properly form a Maryland LLC.  Title 4A of the Maryland Corporations and Associations Act governs the formation and operation of limited liability companies (“LLC”) registered in Maryland. A Maryland LLC, when properly formed, provides limited liability for all members of the LLC for debts incurred by the LLC during normal operations. For example, if a member of a properly formed LLC opens a business credit card in the name of the LLC (and does not otherwise personally guarantee the debts of the LLC), the members are, generally, not personally liable for paying the credit card bill. This is also true for other contracts entered into between another party and the LLC. If the LLC or a person working for the LLC fails to perform under the contract, the LLC and not its members would be liable to the other party.  To learn more about properly forming a Maryland LLC, see this article.

Need help completing the questionnaire or have questions about Maryland LLC’s? Click here to schedule time to talk with an attorney to provide you with advice on the different corporate forms and which one may be right for your business idea. We can also help you to understand the other regulatory and legal compliance issues that you may need to address depending on the kind of business you wish to start.

Need help reviewing an existing operating agreement? Click here to upload your document for review by an attorney who will provide you with comments and recommendations, for a reasonable fee.

Click here for more information from the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) web site on business formation.

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