Maryland Estate Planning

Need the new Maryland Power of Attorney document?

Get started now with one of the following attorney-reviewed forms:

Click here to purchase general Power of Attorney document.
Click here to purchase limited Power of Attorney document.

You can request at purchase to make an appointment at our law office to have the completed documents notarized and witnessed, free of charge. All documents purchased are attorney-reviewed before being finalized with you to ensure legal sufficiency.

Under Maryland law, all powers of attorney that are executed after October 1, 2010 must comply with the new Title 17 of the Maryland Estates and Trusts Article. New powers of attorney require notarized signatures of the Principal and the Agent, and the Principal’s signature must be witnessed by two witnesses. Click here and navigate to Estates and Trusts, section 17-202, for the statutory general power of attorney form. Click here and navigate to Estates and Trusts, section 17-203, for the statutory limited power of attorney form.

Do you need help drafting a will?

A will is a document that describes how its author (the “testator”) wishes his or her assets to be distributed to others at death.  Wills are a practical necessity for people that own real or personal property.  These documents, when properly drafted and executed, provide for an orderly distribution of property to survivors of a testator.  In the absence of a will, the law of the place where the person has died will generally determine how that person’s property will be distributed.  Having no estate plan, or an estate plan that is incomplete, can lead to surprises, challenges for survivors, and litigation, making the grieving process that much more difficult for survivors.  Having a plan is a good plan.   To read more about Maryland wills and some common estate problems that arise without a properly drafted will, read this article.

Click here for a listing of estate planning documents that you can purchase from our firm, including a Maryland Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Directive (which includes a section to appoint a Health Care Agent and a section to direct your physician regarding life-sustaining procedures at the end of your life). All documents purchased are attorney-reviewed before being finalized with you to ensure legal sufficiency.

Do You Own Your Own Small Business?

Do you own your own business? Having a plan for your business is important to your business’ success in the market. Part of your planning should involve what will happen to your business when you retire or die, particularly if income from your business supports your loved ones. If you haven’t planned for business succession, or you haven’t reviewed your plan in a while, now might be a good time to talk with a professional for help.  To read more about estate planning for your small business, read this article.

A buy-sell agreement may be an appropriate business estate planning tool. Click here to purchase a Buy-Sell Agreement document.

Have an existing will or codicil that you would like an attorney to review or update?

Click here to upload your document to our secure web site for review by an attorney. An attorney will contact you with an estimate of the cost to complete the document’s review and provide you with advice on changes or issues with your current estate plan.

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