Tech Law

Help with HIPAA Security Regulations Compliance. Need help with your HIPAA security regulations compliance? Are you considering the purchase or implementation of a health records system to take advantage of the incentives in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? Need help reviewing a technology contract? Faith at Law, LLC can help.

Help with Web Site, Application Development and Consulting Agreements. Need help drafting an agreement for a web site domain name transfer, a licensing agreement for web site content, basic web site terms of service, or another related technology contract? Tim Faith and Faith At Law, LLC are available to assist with your technology legal needs. Click on a link below in order to purchase one of our agreements online. All agreements are drafted by a Maryland attorney, and are reviewed with you before a final draft is provided to you for your business transaction.

Review of Existing Agreement. Have an existing offer or agreement that you would like reviewed by an attorney? You can upload the agreement which a Maryland attorney will examine, provide you with an estimate of the cost to review the agreement, and upon mutual agreement, provide you with personalized and timely legal feedback.

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