iVirus: Proof of Popularity

So another virus was detected recently that is targeting iPhone users that have jailbroken their phones without changing the default SSH password (see article).  Back in the good old days, Mac users would go: “100,000 viruses for Microsoft, 2 for Mac.”  Now, the numbers are more like: “100,000 viruses for Microsoft, 2 for Mac, and 3 for jailbroken iPhones.”  Look out Microsoft, Apple is catching up!  Well, not quite yet (at least not yet on the virus popularity scale).  But, the fact that there are viruses being written for the iPhone is evidence that the iPhone is getting more popular as there is a relationship between widespread adoption and virus activity.  It goes hand in hand with another rule of thumb: the more widespread use a computer device enjoys, the less secure it is.

So, to all you iPhone users out there who have jailbroken your phone – change your SSH password!

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Maryland technology attorney and college professor.

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