You Aren’t Working Hard Enough

Lessons from IT Management: Prologue

Published in serial fashion, the blog posts in the Technology | Management section of this blog are some thoughts on managing an IT department from an insider’s perspective.

This series is about where the rubber meets the road when it comes to implementing technology for a lowest common denominator of sorts: office employees.  My hope is that others may learn from our mistakes, perhaps feel a bit of catharsis for those that do this stuff for a living, and examine ways that technology itself may be able to reduce the occurrence of some of the things going on in offices all over the world today.  And I also hope that you will laugh from time to time at some of the tales told tall in this series.  Sometimes IT staff and users want things that are just plain silly.

Even though others have contributed to this series (and some, unwittingly), any mistakes that may remain in the text are mine alone.  Please feel free to comment or contribute if you are so inclined, and enjoy the epic saga that follows!

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Maryland technology attorney and college professor.

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