iPhone 3.0 Software Available

For iPhone users, you now can download version 3 of the operating system for your phone, but you may be waiting a while for the iTunes store to let you get the update.  The update itself is about 258 mb, which will cause some waiting all by itself, but because there are so many other people downloading this update, you will be waiting for pretty much anything else that you need from the store (like updating apps on your iPhone for example).

However, the update of my 3G phone went just fine this morning, so hopefully you iPhone users out there will have a similar experience.  Click here for Apple’s official info on what’s new in the latest update.

June 22 Update.

So there are a number of noticeable improvements with the iPhone OS version 3.0.  For one, there is an overall search function for the iPhone, which now lives on the first page of applications of the phone.  This search goes across a variety of entities in the phone, such as your contacts, music, email, installed apps, and calendar, so you can find stuff faster.

Your call log now shows you which phone entry you called, and if not in your contacts, the phone will tell you the city and state of the phone number in the log.  This saves you a tap to find this info.

There is now also a search function built into your email.  This is particularly helpful given that you probably have a fair amount more messages on the mail server to which you are pushing via IMAP.  For example, my gmail account today has about 3,000 messages stored in my mailbox, so being able to search through this to find a message is a big help.  You can also turn your phone sideways to look at your messages in landscape mode, which is helpful when you are looking at attachments or just reading your messages.

I also noted that the stock quote app that comes with the phone now has more information on each stock that you might be following, including high/low, P/E, market cap., and news.  And you can look at the stock price graphs for each stock in landscape mode by just turning your phone ninety degrees.

There are a number of other nice add-ons to the phone that you can investigate further on Apple’s site.  Happy i-Phone-ing!

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