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As a follow-up on a previous post, I decided that I would spend some time with yahoo in order to advertise on that search engine as well.  Unlike google, in order to get yahoo to pay attention to your site, you have to wait for them to get around to index your web pages.  You can submit your site for free, but that just means that they will eventually index your pages.  So, if you are in a hurry, you can pay $49 a year to yahoo and they will index your site within about a week, and come back and visit your site on a regular basis.

In addition, you can pay for search marketing on yahoo, which is similar to how google’s advertising works – you pay per click and for high placement of your advertisement in search results, based on certain keywords that you configure when you create your ad.  One key difference: you have to deposit a minimum amount of money into your yahoo advertising account with a credit card to get started.

It is probably no wonder that google has a larger share of the search market than yahoo today – google indexes automatically and more quickly (my web site showed up in search results in google a few days after I posted content, where yahoo has still not come to visit my site as of today).  But advertising on both is a safe hedge, given that the two are the dominant search engines on the internet today.  I’ll keep you updated as I investigate other search engines and online advertising, including MSN Live.

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