eBay Copyright Infringement in France

eBay, according to Yahoo News, was held liable for infringement of a number of copyright holders based in France.  See the Story.  This is a surprising result, especially given the large fine against the online retailer.  With regards to vicarious liability, under US Copyright law I would imagine this result would be quite surprising, especially when eBay serves so many customers and has not built its business around selling or buying counterfeit products.  eBay got its start advertising to individuals to sell their old junk, and they still are known as the online garage sale or flea market.

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One thought on “eBay Copyright Infringement in France”

  1. But, ebay survives its day in court in the U.S., where a federal district court judge interpreted U.S. copyright law in favor of ebay’s online monitoring practices. See the story on the New York Times.


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